About SPC

Warsaw based Spółdzielnia Piekarsko – Ciastkarska has been around for years, its beginning dating back to the forties, all this time it has been baking products of superb quality and excellent taste.

Modern production management is skillfully combined with traditional production methods and unique recipes, developed by our select specialists, to come up with excellent products. A team of in-house experienced bakers, open to change and constantly developing new pastries, is behind all these successes.

There are a whole range of delicious products in our offer, these include, among others, wheat-rye breads, Baltonowski bread which has stolen the heart of many a consumers, as well as rye bread additionally enriched with sunflower, linseed and sesame seeds and others. On top of that, we have a whole variety of rolls, ranging from traditional wheat Kaiser rolls to the fine wholemeal (bread) roll or other grain-enriched rolls. We have something special for sweets lovers too - excellent pastries and delicious cakes and pies on offer.

All our products are based on carefully compiled recipes, each used ingredient and their proportions have a huge impact on the taste of our cakes.

SPC products may be purchased at our outlet stores as well as many shops in Warsaw.